This site includes Titus Burckhardt’s biography, photos, film clips about him, or Sufism, and ends with an inspired description of “spiritual alchemy”, or the. This is the complete text of “Insight into Alchemy”, an essay by Titus Burckhardt, which appeared in the journal “Studies in Comparative Religion”, THE PENGUIN METAPHYSICAL LffiRARY General Editor: Jacob Needleman. ALCHEMY. The son of the Swiss sculptor Carl Burckhardt, Titus Burckhardt was.

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Generally we are taught to think that such influences came burckkhardt the Jesuits, like Matteo Ricci, much later.

This brief exposition of notes on Titus Burckhardt’s life and work contains some good insights into his work on traditional science and art.

It raised many questions on the current proto-science take on alchemy, and the period perceptions of terminology we take for granted, being post-periodic table, post Jung and post-modern. Alchimie translated from the English edition by Madame J.

Alchemy: Science of the Cosmos, Science of the Soul by Titus Burckhardt

Paperbackpages. Essays on the Meaning of Man. William Stoddart speaks about the four key writers of the Perennialist School: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Catherine of Siena who, amongst other things, was a powerful influence on the Pope of her day and to St. This site uses cookies. Burckhardt devoted a large portion of his writings to traditional cosmology, which he saw in a sense as the “handmaid of metaphysics”. Not unconnected with his interest in cosmology, Burckhardt had a particular affinity with traditional art and craftsmanship and was skilled in the evaluation of traditional architecture, iconography, and other arts and crafts.

This was the beginning of an intimate friendship and burckhsrdt deeply harmonious intellectual and spiritual relationship that was to last a lifetime.

Titus Burckhardt: Alchemy – Science of the Cosmos, Science of the Soul – Ars, Arte et Labore

Apr 15, Murray rated it it was amazing Shelves: The word genie and genius have similar roots, and the person was thought to be a vessel, bodily and intellectually. Fons Vitae, ; Bloomington, Indiana: Bibliography Photographs Slideshows Online Resources.

Athos, der Berg des Schweigens by Philip Sherrard. World Wisdom Books, Nair, Shankar Narasimhachary, M. In ChartresBurckhardt expounds the intellectual and spiritual contents of the different architectural styles—distinguishing in this respect not merely between the Gothic and the Romanesque, but even between the different varieties of the Romanesque.

Some of the specific subjects analyzed in this burckyardt include icons, or lack thereof, the architecture of mosques and basilicas, structural ornamentation and inscriptions within sacred structures. Notify me of new posts via email. Burckhardt’s main work in the field of art was his Sacred Art in East and Westwhich contains masterly chapters on the metaphysics and esthetics of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, and Islam, and ends with a useful and practical insight into the contemporary situation entitled “The Decadence and Renewal of Christian Art”.

In addition to the text, the book abounds in illustrations from ubrckhardt alchemical manuscripts, some made available for the first time in this work. This essay by Titus Burckhardt is a sort of primer on sacred art, covering many aspects of the production, value, and intent of sacred art, with many important points also made regarding the burckuardt who produces sacred art—namely, the artist.

Arianne rated it it was amazing Mar 21, Articles on Titus Burckhardt. With this noble volume, the unique Burckhardtian literary corpus comes to its end. Jul 09, Lissa Notreallywolf rated it really liked it.

Science moderne et Sagesse traditionnelle. Many extracts from this book are included here. Fondation Keimer, ; Milan: Aliquid est in anima quod est increatum et increabile; si tota anima esset talis, esset increata et increabilis; et hoc est Intellectus.

There is something in the soul which is uncreated and uncreatable; if the whole soul were such, it would be uncreated and uncreatable; and this is the Intellect. Rarely has a study been made of alchemy as a science of the soul in the light of a spiritual principle that manifests itself at once in the soul and in the cosmos and therefore relates soul and cosmos, or the microcosm and the macrocosm, intimately to one another.

Insight into Alchemy

From its roots in India through its passages into Persia and into Europe the chess-board is both a military stratagem and a symbol of space and the universe, as well as a symbol of the nature of the soul and the relationship between will and fate. Other correlations vurckhardt to these sciences include their relation to numbers, burckhardr well as their representation on the door of Chartres Cathedral.

In this manner he has made clear certain questions which no other contemporary book had been able to explain satisfactorily.

William Stoddart speaks about spiritual figures of the 20th century and the importance of traditional art. Indeed Burckhardt’s principal work in the field of cosmology was his full-length book Alchemy: He is however a good introductory source for Islamic influence, especially give n that he was a forerunner in translating the Sufi tradition.

Titus Burckhardt: Alchemy – Science of the Cosmos, Science of the Soul

This is an intellectual masterpiece which analyzes comprehensively and with precision the nature of esoterism as such. Published January 1st by Fons Vitae first published Beshara, ; Louisville, Kentucky: And yes, I have read Edgar Wind.

Fulan Kishwar rated it really liked it Aug 21, Islamic Texts Society, Burckhardt’s last major work was his widely acclaimed and impressive monograph Art of Islam. Burckhardt devotes many of his pages to St. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.