The book Alcibiades the Schoolboy was originally written in Italian, in , and then translated into French by, perhaps, Édouard Cléder. Due to the expense of. The book Alcibiades the Schoolboy was originally written in Italian, in , and then translated into French by, perhaps, Édouard Cléder. Results 1 – 8 of 8 Alcibiades the Schoolboy by Antonio; Rawnsley, J. C. (translator) Rocco and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available.

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News and information Boylove News Current events Community portal. Mostly, I think it comes from the sheer joie de vivre underlying the dialogue. Use dmy dates from April Murray has proposed a model of multiple homosexualities containing alciibiades strands, all of which may be present in any culture, but one or two of which always predominate, while the other one or two recede or disappear.

No – on the schhoolboy, she has done simply everything possible for us, both for our pleasure and for her own glorification.

Alcibiades the Schoolboy (book)

Set in ancient Athensthe teacher is modelled on Socrateswho so desperately wants to consummate the relationship he has with Alcibiadesone of his students, that he uses all tactics of rhetoric and sophistry at his disposal.

This sketch is extremely global, but to the extent it might be shown to be valid in further investigation, Alcibiades is a reminder that we are not dealing with homosexuality, but with homosexualities, and that the first homosexuality to achieve the identity and subculture necessary to deserve that name was precisely the one which is today most despised, even by the dominant strand of homosexuality.

The translation is fair, but there are quite a few typos, misspelled words, and proofing issues too many for such a short work, I’d say, but this is a self-published version, so it is what it is. He rose to fame in the mid’s with a series of lewd sonnets composed to accompany Guilio Romano’s infamous erotic “postures,” which had been engraved by Marcantonio Raimondi – a work which survives in only one copy, found in the 20th century after being believed totally lost for years.

The edition was condemned by the Public Prosecutor in Paris inand again in Lille in Antonio Rocco was also a priest, a man of letters, author of many studies on Aristotelian philosophy, and renowned philosophy teacher in Venice.

With regard to the adjective “homosexual,” however, the ground is firmer. The text is unashamedly explicit, and it has been argued that “it must be understood in the context of similar texts of the trend of libertinismusing the term in its original sense of a sceptical philosophical tendency. Jamie MacDonald Jones marked it as to-read May 17, The present whereabouts of Breen’s introduction, if it has survived, are also unknown; it would be interesting to have seen his argument regarding the parody of Machiavelli.

The other books listed include Greek Love, by J. Rocco’s own book remains nearly as forbidden as ever, this the only English translation published having become virtually unobtainable within a few years and the form of love it upholds newly persecuted with an intensity the mediaeval inquisition could only have dreamed of managing. On its face, it is both an extensive, semi-serious compilation of philosophical arguments regarding sodomy, and, at the same time, given the mock-horror thr the introduction, the fantastical conceit of a frisky pupil giving his wise old mentor a good run for his money – the intellectual equivalent, one might say, of Cardinal Pirelli’s pursuit of Chicklet around the cathedral in Firbank’s novel?

All these French editions – especially those with illustrations – are also extremely rare. These five documents, dated between andamong other things allege that he “does not celebrate any Mass, and lives as an atheist,” that he “is used to saying many things against the Catholic faith and religion,” that he believed schoolbyo “our soul is not immortal in itself, but scholoboy the grace of God,” and that “one who behaves honestly will be saved, and also the Infidels will be saved according to Natural Law.

The suggestion that it is a “pedophile” novel similarly can be dismissed: On one hand, the authorities alcibiade the church in denouncing and fiercely persecuting all sodomy. Rocco, or schoolnoy Philotimes, then proceeds to show how both these things are superior to the alternatives.

Alcibiades the Schoolboy

Views Read Edit View history. It still remains the entry under which the book is found in many bibliographical authorities to this day. It is not known who the translator was, although it is possible it was either “J. Source information in the back of the book is also helpful. In this it offers a valuable lesson to modern writers on sexual matters whose dour vocabulary tends to be at odds with the joy which should be at the heart of their subject.

Unquestionably satire is applied liberally, and the portrait of Philotimes in his infatuation as falling so far from the alcibiaees and moderation that are the ideal for a philosopher is but one example, though a major one.

Alcibiades The Schoolboy by Antonio Rocco

Retrieved from ” http: A manual for the seduction of boys? Retrieved from ” https: Eglinton, in his introduction, maintains that is also a deadly parody of the Machiavellian doctrine of expediency. Mader overstates an important point: Views Read View source View history. Rocco’s own book remains nearly as forbidden as ever, this the only English translation published having become virtually unobtainable within a few years and the form of love it upholds newly persecuted with an intensity the ghe inquisition could only have dreamed of managing.

Called in his own time the “Divine Pietro” and “Scourge of Princes,” once he was safely dead he gained a further title, Prince of Blackmailers.

Alcibiades the Schoolboy – Wikipedia

Pedro Henrique marked it as to-read Jan 14, Although the “gay” community has a persistent habit of seizing upon dead “pedophiles” and turning them into gay heros as but one telling example, Oscar Wilde, had he been convicted years later, would be on Britain’s “Pedophile Register” today while at the same moment joining in the general screech against “child molesters,” it is certainly going too far to suggest that this text can be accommodated in any way with the fundamental gay insistence on relationships in which the partners are equal in age and power.

At a rather higher level a presentation of the same argument, that the text is a critique of sodomy, can be found in a recent discussion of L’Alcibiade by Armando Maggi.

Is it a satire on Machiavelli’s doctrine of expediency? In the mids it was rumoured that it was finally to alcibiadfs from still another publisher, Gay Men’s Press, in London.

Whatever the case, he did not attach his name to this manuscript, although it is possible to see the “D. As Neri also noted, this suggests that Loredano, as the source of the manuscript, schoooboy at least some role in the publication of the book, if indeed he was not aldibiades actual publisher. Patrick rated it it was ok Jan 02, He was also undoubtedly active in the field of erotica, as his La retorica delle puttane Whore’s Rhetoric, – a dialogue on the best arguments for a whore to use in obtaining clients – makes clear.

The sonnets by “M. Oliver Layton Press, It was not until a German edition ofa reprint of the Italian text inand a new translation in French inthat the text became easily accessible. Sami Eerola marked it as to-read Jun 22,