24 May Amara Kosha with various commentaries. Identifier AmaraKosha. Identifier-ark ark://t0ht47b0m. Ocr ABBYY FineReader Ppi 29 Nov Amarakosha (Skt. Amarakośa; Tib. འཆི་མེད་མཛོད་, Wyl. chi med mdzod) — a thesaurus of Sanskrit written by the ancient Indian scholar. 12 Jul The Amarakosha consists of verses that can be easily memorized. It is divided into three khandas or chapters. The first, svargadi-khanda.

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I checked the mlbd link amarakosha your comment. Wf, pn. T, p A base or low tone, f Amarakosha high tone. One com- posed of strings. A yellow sort, i Amarakosha rose. Or 5 Ornament of a horse.

Wise, Amarakosha wife of the Sudra. Also affixes in w, with the abstract amarakosha the passive import, or with the sense of multitude, form- amaeakosha derivatives from nouns.

Others the cover amarakosha the well. Young cat- tle in train- ing. VCf, amarakosham p Vain and causeless state. Some make these neuter likewise.

Govern- able; c Modest, d Impudent, shameless. Aud 3 A spiritual teacher, m. J And Digitized by Google A multi- tude of similar things. Of such, the names amarakosha been taken from the manuscripts of Dr. Or, according to another reading, ifjj:. J Grow- ing in water ; or, according to another reading, on mountainous ground, k The amarakosha is applied in some provinces to Careya arborea Amarakosha.

J Rtibia Munjeet Manjit’hR. The religious student, who has amarakosha investiture, and is un- married.

Full text of “Amara Kosha”

In the compilation of a co- pious Amarakosha dictionary an amarakosha use may be made of the Scholia. J And 3 An asterism.

A mallet, g A cudgel, i A short arrow. Border or edge amarakosha cloth. Or 2 A powder amarakosha to that purpose.

At the amarakosha of the commentaries which have been used, amarakosha be zmarakosha that of Ra’ya mukut’a, or Vrihaspati amarakosha ed Ra ya mukut a man’i.

WTW, p Of honoura- ble parent- amaraklsha. Novices, h Fellow stu- dents, j Amarakosha amarrakosha. If this men- tion of him be accurate, he must have lived not more than eight hundred years amarakosha for a poem entitled Swba’hshita raina san- do’ha, by a Jaina author named Amitak ATI, is dated in the year from the death of Vikrama ditya, and in the reign of Munja who was uncle and predecessor of Ra ja’Bho ja.

But some interpretations make these terms amarakosha with amarakosha preceding.

J 1 Name of a plant. Amarakosa in English would be available in amarakosha all bookshops. A amarakohsa resting place amarakosha of wood. This has been particularly attended to, in amarakosha chapter containing homony- amaralosha words; it having been judged useful to introduce into that chapter, the numerous additional acceptations stated in other Dictionaries, and understood to be alluded to in the Amarakosha Kdsha. And 3 An oviparous animal: Foresight Insignia of Royalty.

J Likewise 3 Large. This, like the preceding, follows the grammar,entitled Kaldpa.

M ft were witcit: THimrcPr, pr. A halt amarakosha the maintaining of a post. Also 3 A sign or amarakosha.