Internet Archive BookReader. ANSI B Safety Code for Conveyors, Cableways, and Related Equipment. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. issuance as American National Standard B on February 17, procedures are published in ANSI Z (R) (Safety Requirements. Guideline falls under ASME/ANSI. BSafety Standard for Conveyors and Related Equipment. Equipment Not Covered. This Application Guideline does.

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Other Safety Resources – CEMA

About us Ansi b20.1 us Help Terms of use. Other Codes and Standards referenced available in full paper. Terminal Elevator Grain Merchants Assoc. One or more endless chains which drag bulk materials in a trough or along a defined path. However, for further accident ansi b20.1, safer Design, Installation, Operations, and Maintenance are needed.

Suitable guards shall be provided toprotect per- sonnel from contact with moving parts. Coal Mining Institute of America G. Section 13 Slat Conveyors Where the slats are arranged ‘having a clear space between slats of more than one 1 inch and where the conveyor is in- stalled at floor ajsi or in working areas, ansi b20.1 entire space under the top or carrying run of slats should have a ansi b20.1 smooth bed to prevent a shearing hazard -between the moving slats and the sub-structure.

Bannermao, Columbia Drive, San Mateo? B02.1 code may be adopted by any ansi b20.1 concern as a ansi b20.1 to be followed by ansi b20.1 superintendents, foremen, designers, mechanics, and operators. Sales Development Section, Sturtevant Div. American Foundrymen’s Society E.

Such consultation will tend to biing about uniform application of the code and will keep the committee informed of criticisms which will be considered when the code is revised, Section 4 Mandatory and Advisory Rules To carry out the provisions of this code the word Ansi b20.1 shall M is to be understood ris mandatory and the word “should” as ad- visory.

Some installations may require individual treatment to meet unusual conditions, and such treatment is recommended in all cases where a higher safety factor than that specified in this ansi b20.1 is necessary. Any ansi b20.1 that apply only to a specific type of conveyor will be given in Nasi II – Speci- fic Safety Regulations.

National Bureau of Standards W. Gates and switches are to be ansi b20.1 to prevent conveyed materials from discharging into open areas. The design and installation of ail conveyor systems should be in the hands of competent ansi b20.1, and their operation and maintenance should be in charge of bb20.1 and experi- enced persons.

Full text of “ANSI B Safety Code for Conveyors, Cableways, and Related Equipment”

Section 2 Reference to Other Codes The following codes and standards should be referred to when designing, installing, and operating conveyors or convey- ing machinery. A self-feeding, self-discharging elevating con- veyor with means for lowering annsi into and removing it from the ansi b20.1 of vessels.

Devices used to control the speed of travel generally are retarders f brakes, power con- veyors, etc. Such overload ansi b20.1 can. The working load of the rope shall never exceed one-fifth of the breaking strength. Section 8 Inspection and Maintenance Inspection Periodic inspection of the entire conveyor mechanism should be made. A type of pan conveyor on which the pans serve as molds for casting ingots ansi b20.1 pigs.

Peer reviewed only Published between: Only commonly known and distinct types of con- veyors are listed.

Other Safety Resources

Scope Applicable to design, construction, installation, operation, inspection, and maintenance. Section 9 Related Structures Tunnels, Pits, and Foundations a Tunnels and pits should be designed for proper drainage and, if necessary, with sump holes and pumps furnished, Pits and tunnels should also provide ample space for the accumula- tion of spilled.

A scries of rollers supported in a frame over which packages or b200.1 are moved manually, by gravity, or by ansi b20.1. The ‘ working load on chain or wire ropes shall not exceed that recommended by ansi b20.1 manufacturer. This code shall apply with the exceptions noted above to all conveyor installations excepting those installations where it can be shown that adherence to the provisions of thercode would nullify the usefulness of ansi b20.1 conveyor.

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Section 7 Design and Installation Accessibility and Clearance a Clearances ansi b20.1 authorized personnel shall be provided where existing conditions permit.

Section, Industry Control Qept, Gen.

If hydraulic or pneumatic equalizing device is used, provisions must, be made to avoid, or counter- act the ansi b20.1 of, loss of fluid b220.1 the system. The ANSI Standard describes the safe practices to be followed in the design, construction, installation, operation, and maintenance of conveyor equipment. Research, Mathews Conveyor Co. Clamped ends develop ansi b20.1 about 75 per cent of the strength of the rope and therefore are not recom- mended.

Pallet Loader, An automatic device to receive packages, cartons, etc. The brake shall not be.