13 Jul Step 3: Now let’s configure up both the WAN and LAN interfaces on the router like so: MICHAEL#conf t. Enter configuration commands. 21 Aug Setup Cisco with outside access (internet access); Setup Cisco as a For this example, Ethernet 0/0 will be used as the outside Now let’s configure up both the WAN and LAN interfaces on the router like so. For Cisco Router, you can follow these steps following. 1. Enter configuration commands, one per line. Router(config)#hostname MICHAEL

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Sat Mar route, 3: Originally posted by monkyman: If I enter interface configuration mode, “encapsulation” is not a recognized command, so apparently things changed between and series cisco 1841 router configuration guide.

They’re being plugged into Catalyst switches whose exact model number I can’t remember right now. Look for a guide for the IOS version you are running.

It is different than configuring a layer cisco 1841 router configuration guide switch router interfaces which show up as int vlan x If you need both network interfaces you will need to use the dot1q encap to a switch that speaks dot1q and have subinterfaces for each vlan interface.

If you are patient I will be getting an at the end of this week with a switch on it so I can post an appropriate config. Basically the switch that the router is connecting to will need to do What type of switch are you plugging the routers into? Mon Mar 07, Thanks for the help. If OP is rouyer problems cisco 1841 router configuration guide int vlan and switchport commands on an interface, then I suspect he needs to check my sample and give up on a layer2 only interface.

Jul 13, Posts: Here’s a link for you on the general config that cusco want to do: Okay, So a router needs an csco on a maintenance vlan and it needs interfaces on the regular network? Sun Mar 06, 2: In the end, I’ll have a North, South, and Central site, configuratiln with devices plugged into certain ports of the Catalyst s and routing between each other with the Cisco routers.

Can anybody give me a step by step guide for setting up multiple VLANs on a Cisco modular router? Originally posted by erratick: They can only be used as routed ports.

Sat Mar 05, Compiled Wed Oct I can’t seem to find the cisco 1841 router configuration guide of this guide: Cisco 1841 router configuration guide Mar 06, 3: I can’t find anything to help me through my problem, which, incidentally, is that I can create the VLAN by using the “vlan database” command, and using cisfo in that context will show that a new VLAN has been created, but I find no interface for the VLAN, and if I try to configure a FastEthernet interface, Cisco 1841 router configuration guide can’t use the “switchport” command.

Mon Mar 07, 3: Actually it depends on the hardware. I’ll try doing some research on Cisco’s site on dot1q stuff. These three sites have or series routers and Catalyst switches. And for dot1q search cisco.

Cisco VLANs – Ars Technica OpenForum

The etherswitch ports can be assigned a vlan just as a switch in addition cisco 1841 router configuration guide SVI can be used to route that vlan i. Jan 26, Posts: Tue Mar 08, 1: Sun Mar 06, Nope, unless you are trying to use that thing as a switch.

Mon Mar 07, 5: Welcome to the Ars OpenForum. The onboard ports however cannot be made into switchports and are only supported as routed ports, which is where I think the OP is running into a problem. Apr 2, Posts: To give a better overall picture of what I’m trying to do, we have sixteen sites connected through frame relay, with a hub site and fifteen others connected to it.

System Bootstrap, Version Sep 1, Posts: Depending on what you cisco 1841 router configuration guide trying to do.

Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. Sat Mar 05, 6: Additionally, you may have to actually perform a “int vlan x” before the vlan interface will be created.

Error (Too Many Requests) – Quora

The two onboard ports cannot be used as switchport ports. Tue Mar 08, 5: SpacemanSpiff Ars Centurion Tribus: Also try to cisco 1841 router configuration guide what you are trying to do or a brief diagramI’ll try to post specifically for that. Model, IOS and interfaces would be nice at least.

Am I way off base somehow?