First-time novelist Stoehr draws a hard-hitting, graphically realistic portrait of Crosses. Shelley Stoehr, Author Delacorte Press Books for Young Readers $ Crosses. Buy Crosses. Crosses, by Shelley Stoehr. Nancy and Katie are best friends Crosses was the first novel for young adults to deal with an increasingly . A raw story of a teenager who tries to ease her emotional turmoil with self- mutilation.

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Out of Focus Book by Margaret Buffie. Book Rites of Passageby Joy N.

Nancy will make you laugh and cry. It was pretty much like watching a bad accident, accept its happening in slow motion. As I read on and got closer to the end my opinion of the book improved. Many people, including myself at one time in my life, can truly relate to this book. She also drinks and, after meeting kindred spirit Katie, her substance abuse escalates to weed, ups, mescaline, hashish, aspirin, or anything that can be swallowed or sniffed. I don’t know the author’s background, but I wonder just how much she really knows ceosses these subjects.

I loved Nancy’s attitude and the carefree nature of the book.

Shelley Stoehr

Honestly I could hardly stand them. Book Kite Spiritby Sita Brahmachari. And the one girl ends up developing a sort of eating disorder that wasn’t addressed, just hinted at. It was just one thing after another. Book Gray Zoneby Veronica R.

She wants to stand out. Wat ik weet Book by Julie Berry. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

CROSSES by Shelley Stoehr | Kirkus Reviews

Preview — Crosses by Shelley Stoehr. Any scenes of recovery are rushed and glossed over. Som jag vill vara Book by Katarina von Bredow. The characters are flat and incredibly egotistical; they are almost offensive in their ignorant beliefs and whiny attitudes.

She stoer no recollection of anything about her life before age ten.

Things Change Book by Patrick Jones. How many more times are you going to F up your life before you decide that maybe, just maybethis whole substance abuse thing is a shelkey plan? Although this book deals with important issues, all I can think of is: Learn more about Amazon Prime.


stoehe This shows Nancy’s downward spiral after she gets in with the wrong crowd. Montgomery Lake High 4: It is a descent book. A Christmas Storyby Cherie Bennett. Apr 09, Lisa Heinsohn rated it it was amazing. The book was okay, kind of mundane, but good enough. What’s a Girl Gotta Do?

Crosses Mar 08, Book A Bathing Apeby Nigo. A raw story of a teenager who tries to ease her emotional turmoil with self-mutilation.

Don’t Read This, It’s Impossible!

Crosses ( edition) | Open Library

The story is about two high school aged girls in the late shellry who are into the punk scene and they discover they have a lot in common, like self harming. Yet, with Crosses, the problems that the main character went through seemed shallow and there was nothing to be learned.

Books rated it did not like it. I don’t think Sfoehr would ever read the book again. Crosses by Shelley Stoehr was an okay book. Book Anywhere but Hereby J.