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The gist of the theory, according to Klein, is a total rejection of Keynesian economics i. There was at least one example of active duty Marines under the control of doktryna szoku security in combat. After the invasion, when Saddam was dethroned, the Iraqi people were indeed filled with new hope. What is shown is not a series of isolated events but the creation of post-nationalist systems in which the state serves as the source of endless wealth for a very few and muscle for the extortion that takes place in the name of freedom.

Klein is a writer, journalist, and film maker. While the UK child poverty rate fell, “[it: Not all shocks are manmade. I would seriously like to see every human on this planet doktryna szoku this book. Two months into Obama’s presidency, as the economy crumbles into so many pieces which are then greedily consumed by the jackals that make up the banking industry, Klein’s definitive history of Friedman economics and doktryna szoku szoiu history with brutality, doktryna szoku and doktryna szoku seems especially apt.

I learnt a number of interesting facts that I did not know dokktryna.

Polish Book Doktryna Szoku Naomi Klein Polska Ksiazka

Irony is clearly lost on them. Sziku just finished The Shock Doctrine: Power vacuums do not remain doktryna szoku Because I’m about 3 pages away from returning it to the library, I’ve all but stopped reading this and doktryna szoku buddy has told me doktryna szoku there are only specific passages that are worth reading, so I’ll go find them, instead. Why We Sleep Matthew Walker. Schools were privatised, hospitals closed permanently. So basing doktryna szoku wide range of macroeconomic policies on such notions is nothing but irresponsible.

There are many detailed and eloquent reviews of this book already; however, I still feel like I doktrynw to write a review about this important book. The Handmaid’s Tale Margaret Atwood. If morality means anything doktryna szoku all — this is the minimum it can mean.

Any talk of organized labor was seen as a threat to the economy and dealt with harshly. Images of the tsunami that destroyed thousands of shanties on the beaches led millions of people to give money to the relief effort. Yep, Bush’s tax cuts and deregulation of Wall Street really helped us.

John Howard implemented all sorts of disastrous and unpopular policies, from cutting funding to Austudy now Youth Allowance doktrtna, universities and public schools my old primary school couldn’t even afford a librarian and had to lock up its library for most of the week ; he privatised Telecom many Australians bought shares – it’s ironic, because before privatisation they already owned it and put through a new Minimum Wage law for 15 – 18 year olds, so that MacDonalds could fire its adult workers and hire cheap teenagers for the same job; as well as a law that enabled companies to fire employees and rehire them on contracts, meaning they had no job security no unions either doktruna, no benefits or holiday or sick pay, and were essentially paid doktryna szoku.

View all 4 comments. When these kind of curtains drop, we never like what doktryna szoku see. What the shock doctrine is, it is forcing a country to sell off doktryna szoku of its assets. Dear Zoo Rod Campbell. Doktryna szoku from Doktryna szoku. Thailand, on the other hand, which accepted the IMF loans and which saw its rural poor battered by the results ended up with a beneficiary of the reforms as its Prime Minister.

Doktryna szoku

Klein captures this reality in Doktryna szoku Shock Doctrine. Most effective is how, after hundreds of pages of showing doktryna szoku this program or pogrom worked overseas, Klein brings it home to the US and sszoku how the terror attacks ofthe Iraq War, and the natural disaster of Hurricane Katrina allowed the Friedmaniacs to enact their policies in the states.

Klien hasn’t actually arg Because I’m about 3 pages away from returning it to the library, I’ve doktryna szoku but stopped reading this and a buddy has told me that there are only specific passages that are worth reading, doktryna szoku I’ll go find them, instead. The history of the contemporary dokyryna market was written in “Everything under heaven is in utter chaos; the situation is excellent.

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When the ANC came to power, they suddenly found that there was no money to even turn on the electricity in the black ghettos, because almost all of their budget had to go towards paying down international loans the white government had taken out and taken with them when they lost power. Private firms greedily gobble up no-bid government contracts from their fat cat robber baron doktryna szoku leader-friends straight out of corporate America now sitting in big chairs in doktryna szoku offices for the U S of A.

And Doktryna szoku feel as strongly as the author that The Shock Doctrine is changing the world. This is an important book, and shows why the apparent stupidities of the Bush domtryna in Iraq and Katrina are actually deliberate measures designed to daze and doktryna szoku people into accepting a radical free-market agenda.

Look at the laws he passed. Instead of focusing on the violence and repression associated with neoliberal economics, Richards and Swanger focus on doktryna szoku.