Fluke a AC Voltage Calibrator Teardown and Repair – Page 1. In summary, the manual puts it best: “DEATH ON CONTACT may result if. FLUKE SA. MAR 3 0 .. temperature using an rms responding meter, ( Fluke B . control is obtained via the A (Manual or Remote Mode). A AC Calibrator for a combined output ranging . The Static Sensitive (S.S.) devices are identified in the Fluke technical manual parts list with the symbol.

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Oscillator Control Assembly A9 The Atten- uator output connects the selected ac signal to the load, which can be converted to either the front panel or the rear panel connectors.

Stop electronic waste – fix it yourself

The range of frequencies is controlled by the frequency range select capacitors located on the oscillator control assembly whose values are switched in accordance with the desired frequency range.

The filter shown is not required at voltage outputs of IV or greater on the 1 volt range, greater than 5V on the 10 volt range, or at any higher range. Set the A output to 10 volts on the volt range and kHz on the kHz range. Beyond that, maximum out- put voltage decreases as frequency increases.

The ground terminal is connected directly to the equipment chassis and to earth ground via the power cord. With regard to any instrument returned within 1 year of the original purchase, saidTepairs or replacement will be made without charge. After replacement reassemble the A in reverse order. Front panel 5200w are five-way binding post. Remove manuak RCU if still installed to isolate the fault from it. Position of each switch is displayed in window above switch; windows form a readout that displays selected voltage.

Whenever input D of decoder U10 is high, as it is during Standby mode, outputs 0 through 7 are held high.

Verify the voltage magnitude switches are operational before continuing. Reverse the procedure to replace the motherboard.

Indicator for selected control mode lights. That is, the Reference Assembly interprets the set- tings of lfuke front panel amplitude switches and generates a corresponding reference voltage.

Install the Power Supply pcb A5A1 in the extender pcb. The Oscillator Control assembly also provides for the phase-lock feature of the calibrator. Set the A output to 10 volts on the volt range and 1 kHz on the 1 kHz range. Insure the equipment set-up procedure in para- graph has been performed.

Fluke A Calibrator Service and User Manual

When the tests are complete and any fault located repaired, return to step 6 or step 8 as applicable. The Model A is a guarded, precision AC Calibrator designed for use in calibration laboratories and in manufacturing environments. The duration of each one shot and the frequency ranges for which they are en- abled are shown in Table Periodically at least every 90 days clean the A to remove dust, grease and other contaminants using the following procedure: It is located on pcb A5A1 lower left corner of schematic.

Figure 24 shows a simple load connection with neither sensing or guarding from common mode volt- ages. The mid-stage amplifier consists of transistors Q34 through Q37 and Q15, and their related components.

The action of the phase-lock loop is such that any phase difference between the Oscillator output and phase- lock reference input results in a proportional phase detector output. This feature provides direct indica- tions of percentage error during calibration of voltmeters. Special instructions for inspection and claims are included in the shipping carton. The duty cycle of the pulses is de- termined by the timing of the compare signal, which is de- termined by the setting of the front panel amplitude switch- es.

An electrical check of the system is made during checks of the Reference Assembly.

Set the 5 A output to manuual on the kHz range. When completed, select internal sensing and measure for a short between each set of terminals. The amplitude reference voltage is produced within the calibrator as a result of the amplitude selector switch settings.

The 5 A millivolt accuracy depends primarily on the linearity of the control loop and the ratio accuracy of the attenuator transformers. The Model A is packaged and shipped in a foam-packed container. In addition, since there is no current limiting other than the line fuse, grounding one of the test points with a test lead can short out the supply and may burn out the inter-connecting lands on the Power Supply Assembly A5 or the Exten- der board. Set 52000a A for an output of 10 volts at 1 kHz.

Switches phase lock feature fluk and off.