A. Multi-Product Calibrator. Service Manual. PN August Rev.5 , The Fluke Model A Multi-Product Calibrator (Figure ) is a precise. Fluke Corporation. 1. A Specifications. The following paragraphs detail specifications for the A Calibrator. changes more than 5 °C. (See “Zeroing the Calibrator” in Chapter 4 of the A Operator Manual.) Also see additional. 2 Fluke Corporation A/A Multi-Product Calibrators Extended Specifications. Warmup Time. Twice the time since last warmed up, to a maximum of

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5500A Service Manual

Pulse Width Calibration This procedure uses the following equipment: The assembly named in the error message is almost always the assembly that has the fault. Enter the actual 50 pE capacitance. Calibration Shifts Report, Spreadsheet Format Adjusting the Wave Peak Center with R omf. Continue with the next section. Access procedures are provided for those who want to fluke 5500a calibrator manual a faulty module.

Calibratof Frequency Flatness Verification at 5. Verification All of the Oscilloscope Calibration functions should be verified at least once per year, or each time the SC is calibrated. Equipment Setup The following equipment is needed for this procedure: Set the Calibrator Mainframe MeasZ capacitance range to cap.

Power Supplies AC line voltage is fluke 5500a calibrator manual through a line filter to a power module in fluke 5500a calibrator manual rear panel that fluuke switching for four line voltages.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all of frequencies listed in Table Calibration Constant Report, Printout Format Program the Calibrator Mainframe to 5. Wave Generator Mode FR A5 interface fault Is the A5 assembly installed?

Leveled Sine Wave Specifications Table As soon as the spur is minimized, stop rotating Rl. W ave Generator V erification at 50 IX A Service Manual X List of Figures Figure 1 fluoe 1. For out fluke 5500a calibrator manual Warranty repair, contact a Fluke Serviee Center for a cost estimate.

Theory of Operation The following discussion provides a fluke 5500a calibrator manual overview of the following SC operating modes: As you adjust it, the spur will move down the waveform, towards the right. Box Everett, WA U.

Fluke 5500A Calibrator – No Options

fluke 5500a calibrator manual Overload Measurement Specifications Table The signal path is also split to drive the external trigger circuitry on the A50 hoard. The pulse width calibration procedure must now be repeated until all entered values are accepted the fluje time without warning. Use this fluke 5500a calibrator manual range for the corresponding haseline measurements at each step. If you are not certain which board you have, contact your Fluke Service Center.

You need to adjust the wave until the spur disappears. In many different ways it is easy to introduce a subtle long-term stability problem by handling the boards.

FLUKE a Calibrator repair help with IFC fet parts & data sheet – Page 1

Adjust the main time base position and vertical offset until the pulse signal is centered on the display. Adjust Rl so this ledge is as flat as possible. Time Marker Specifications Readjust A90R12 if necessary to keep the edge signal occurring between 2 ns and 10 ns at the reference level.

Hardware adjustments must be made to the leveled sine and edge functions each time the SC is repaired. The peak-to-peak value is the difference between the topline and baseline. After you press the A CAL softkey, the procedure works as follows: Pulse Period Verification fluke 5500a calibrator manual Set the HP A reference level at -i fluke 5500a calibrator manual.

The specifications in this procedure are not valid for verification.

This is useful to check for error messages. Calibration and Verification of Square Wave Eunctions Time marker period Procedure provided In this manual.

A Service Manual

Apply a short to the AUX terminals to provide a low- impedance path for current. All the routine calibration steps are available from the front panel interface as well as the remote interface IEEE or serial. Allow the temperature to stabilize for manyal minutes. Change the horizontal scale fluke 5500a calibrator manual the DSO to the value listed in the table.

You should recalibrate at the end of either a day or fluke 5500a calibrator manual calihration interval. Input sense LO to normal LO. High Frequency Verification The locations of the analog modules are printed on the guard box cover. Eollow the same procedure for testing other amplitudes, only compare results against the flatness specification listed in Table Remove the eight Phillips screws from the bottom cover.