Another Vivaldi opera enters the discography, and this one’s a beauty. Based on a story in Boccaccio’s Decameron, with a libretto by Apostolo Zeno revised by. Vivaldi’s genius came to full fruition in his masterpiece Griselda. The story of Patient Griselda, taken from The Decameron, is an uncomfortable one for modern . Griselda was first performed at Venice’s Teatro di San Samuele during spring Apostolo Zeno’s libretto, based on a tale from Boccacio’s Decameron, was .

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At its core, it concerns the pursuit of professional success, at any personal cost.

Gualtiero and his followers go out hunting and come across Griselda’s cottage. Costanza, the bride to be, comes to the court with her lover, Roberto, torn between loving him and wanting to be Queen.

The villain thinks he’s won vuvaldi girl! Twelve Trio Sonatas, Op. Years before the action begins, Gualtiero, King of Thessaly, had married a poor shepherdess, Griselda. Jean-Christophe Spinosi Ensemble Matheus. Even though he had begun his career as an instrumentalist and pedagogue, his sensational debut as an opera composer in in Vicenza, with Ottone in villa, vivalxi a prolific vocation in the profitable field of dramma per musica, the theatrical genre most griswlda of 18th-century audiences.

Griselda is further humiliated by being required to direct the wedding preparations. Composition Artist Credits Griselda.

Thanks to Vivaldi and his young stars, the Grimanis and their theatre were back in business. Usually sung by a woman in the briselda modern productions there have been, we cast the amazing David Hansen in the soprano role of the villain Ottone. In the face of such conspiracies, Griselda resists.

The lovers are bemused but delighted at this reprieve. She is in love with Corrado’s younger brother, Roberto, and the thought of being forced to marry Gualtiero drives her to despair.

Griselda — Opera Settecento Company

Part of the issue, I think, is that the characters in Griselda seem to be in passionate overdrive most of the time. The story of Patient Griselda, taken from The Decameron, is an uncomfortable one for modern day sensibilities, with Griselda required to submit to many horrible tests of her character, and strength of love and service to her husband.

Production values are very high. In he maintained to have vivalei 94 operas, and to vivalid English visitor he laid claim to 17 printed publications when in reality there were only 12 Vivaldi cheekily inflated the figure by including the sets issued in two volumes. Other characters in the opera are equally driven: Download the Program including libretto.

The marriage was deeply unpopular with the king’s subjects and when a daughter, Costanza, was born, the king had to pretend to have her killed while secretly sending her to be brought up by Prince Corrado of Grselda. Spinosi’s pacing of the arias suggests sensible interpretation of Vivaldi’s instructions.

Vivaldi Griselda

Despite reservations about the top-heavy instrumental textures, this finely sung recording unveils another inventive opera. Although we think of Vivaldi as a Venetian composer, because he was of humble birth and a compositional maverick, he was excluded for thirty years by the patrician impresarios who ran the public theatres in Venice.

Two arias from the opera have become popular concert pieces with singers such as Cecilia Bartoli and Simone Kermes.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gualtiero reveals that Costanza is their long-lost daughter. Griselda returns to her home in the countryside where she is pursued by the villainous courtier Grjselda, who griseelda completely besotted with her and has surreptitiously fomented the popular uprisings in order to derail her marriage.

Apostolo Zeno’s libretto, based on a tale from Boccacio’s Decameronwas adapted for Vivaldi by Carlo Goldoni then a young playwright at the outset of his career: Ottone still resolutely pursues Griselda and Gualtiero promises him her hand as soon as he himself has married Costanza. Home News Contacts Copyright. Although most of us today relish the composer of The Four Seasons for his instrumental works and flashy violin writing, in his day Antonio Vivaldi also made his mark as an opera composer, impresario, and conductor.

For vivalvi libretto, they turned to a year-old poet by the name of Carlo Goldoni. Tenor Stefano Ferrari sings nobly, particularly in “Sento che l’alma teme,” but let’s face it: The only character not bothered by his love for someone else is Corrado, and he spends most of the opera spying on the other characters.

Among the men, Philippe Jaroussky is the stand-out. In extrovert arias one occasionally hears some contrived clattering bows from the strings but there is a substantial problem throughout the performance caused grislda underwhelming, pale playing from the lower strings.

The fact that her questions about her fate go unanswered grriselda others only outlines even more dramatically the cruel injustice of the situation.

Griselda, now living rough again, cries herself to sleep. This is as it ever was, topical. As was usual for the era, some of the arias were taken from earlier works by Vivaldi.

Corrado arrives with news that Ottone is approaching, intending to abduct Griselda. Gridelda and Corrado reveal the true identity of Costanza, Ottone is pardoned and the girl is allowed to marry Roberto.

Samuele theatre in Grimani, the 18th-century equivalent of Cameron Mackintosh, aware that ticket sales in his group of theatres were falling whereas Vivaldi, now in his fifties, had enjoyed considerable success at theatres in Verona and Vicenza, finally invited him into the fold.

Faced with such virtue, the people can no longer oppose Griselda as queen. Retrieved from ” https: Vivaldi’s genius came to full fruition in his masterpiece Griselda. Because it’s not at all a masculine sound, perhaps it was wise to cast him vivalfi the relatively passive Roberto.

Reworking a libretto by Apostolo Zeno, playwright Carlo Grizelda and Vivaldi open their version with a vlvaldi The proposed bride is in fact Costanza, who is unaware of her true parentage and unknown to Griselda.

Griselda, RV 718 (Vivaldi, Antonio)

For his debut at the Teatro San Samuele, Vivaldi chose the libretto by Vivalxi Zeno about a queen who was bullied for her humble origins. Whether you want to see what we think of today’s latest releases or discover what our critics thought of your favourite recordings from the past, you will find it all in our full-searchable Reviews Bivaldi. The opera is fuelled by this tension between professional ambition and personal sacrifice, by behaviour that is both horrific and utterly human.

Griselda “, review of the Naxos recording on musicalcriticism. Veronica Cangemi provides some relaxed, attractive coloratura.