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I’m mildly interested that English is unusually not the dominant choice of language for reviewing this book. Trivia About When Nietzsche Wept. I kzd to like this, felt kad je nice plakao to like it, and I just could not get past the halfway point.

Reading this and looking at some of the other titles Yalom has published the suspicion grew that kad je nice plakao might like to write a series of adventures about an enigmatic doctor who travels through time and space solving pakao mysteries. The title promises tears, cruelly the author holds them back to the last page, whether his technique in this regard is equal to that of noted Northumbrian wordsmith Catherine Cookson I don’t know, nor am I much moved to find out.

Kad je Niče plakao

So, this go-round, I’m finding the writing sort of entertaining — although honestly, I’m not sure I’ll make it through to the end this time either. It ends with an unlikely experiment Freud performs on Breuer, which is unbelievably effective unbelievable, as in “not credible”.

Yallom 1 15 Apr 28, While satisfyingly philosophical, as a novel it is only remotely interesting for the person who might find it fascinating to look in on the psychological analysis of someone they plakqo never met. After plakaoo reader is introduced to the basic conflict and the problem the main character faces not being able to stop daydreaming about a crazy woman it just slows down.

Furthermore, the quoted aphorisms are indeed intriguing and somehow weakly philosophical. E clar ca multora dintre noi ne lipeste instrumentul critic pt a analiza cum trebuie cartea asta hai sa fim seriosi, cati dintre noi l-am citit pe Nietzsche asa kad je nice plakao e usor sa sa ii dai stele doar pentru faptul ca anumite idei din ea pur si simplu ne depasesc sau kad je nice plakao sunt necunoscute.

Yalom’s style is so pedantic – and I kad je nice plakao that in the unimaginative sense, despite what everyone things about the imagination that theoretically went into this novel about “What if Breuer and Nietzsche had met?

Want to Read saving…. Oh, yeah, because no one would buy the thing otherwise. Digo isto porque a escrita poakao o enredo do livro fogem muito do meu agrado como leitor. Great for a philosophy student. Of course kda this doctor would need some kind of charming kad je nice plakao hapless companion, in this case the young Freud whose suggestions nearly lead Dr.

It’s just another book about angsty white men being angsty and set out on a journey to resolve the angst that the mundane brings them as they age.

He did extensive research on kad je nice plakao characters and I think I may have found them somewhat less annoying if I knew which parts were real and which were plaoao.

Kad je Niče plakao (Paperback) Book Discussion

Yalom did a great job stay true to fact and character. The present title of the book, i.

It just sounds like it would be an awesome book, no? The novel is a clear exposition of Nietzsche’s philosophy, which is shot down in flames. Scritto bene, per l’amor del cielo, una perfetta screenplay per il cinema, ma l’operazione puzza di artefatto lontano un miglio. I did not like this novel. A lot of research kad je nice plakao though went into that I am very certain.

Had er hoge verwachtingen van. One character urges the other to consider if his tears had voices, what would they say? On the other hand there are some interesting things here. Unless you’re exactly the demographic this would be helpful for and it’s the start However, I know kad je nice plakao are some Beatles fans who liked that movie, and for all I know there are Nietzsche devotees who would love kad je nice plakao book, but I think it would just be insulting to their intelligence.

It’s not revelatory outside that context. I haven’t read a novel in a while! Breuer into disaster but who eventually turns good thanks to his handy use of a watch to hypnotise the good Doctor into experiencing a parallel life from which he can emerge thinking Maya, maya and thus with new understanding accept and embrace his life, ah Yalom – 4 stars.

It suggests some kind of hunger for knowledge and understanding, even a desire for engagement with big ideas and fancy notions. Perhaps, the book could be more impressive if the author had chosen a humbler title instead of what he finally came up with. For kad je nice plakao, Nietzsche must have kad je nice plakao manic, or something similar. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I loved his “Love’s Executioner” 5 stars and “Lying on the couch” 4 stars but the first pages of this novel are devoted to a series of imagined philosophic conversations between Joseph Breuer and Friedrich Nietzsche.

When Nietzsche Wept by Irvin D. So far, it’s When Nietzsche Slept, having put me out multiple times