Morten Lauridsen (b). author of text .. In Dirait-on Lauridsen magically evokes the wistfulness of the chansons populaires immortalized by Edith Piaf. Morten Johannes Lauridsen (born February 27, ) is an American composer. A National O Magnum Mysterium, Dirait-on (from Les Chansons des Roses), O Nata Lux (from Lux Aeterna) and Sure On This Shining Night (from Nocturnes). Buy Dirait-On (SATB) by Morten Lauridsen at Choral Sheet Music . This exquisite work is the fifth of a set of choral settings of poems.

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From a choir as good as Polyphony and wow, is it good in this piece!

Morten Lauridsen – how he wrote “Dirait-on” — Classical Chops

And this is a chord that’s very much a favorite of theirs. Over one million copies of his scores have been sold and his Dirait-on, O Magnum Laurldsen and O Nata Lux have become the all-time best selling octavos distributed by the Theodore Presser Co.

The same chord, just changed a little bit an inversion. It has to be simple. And while that’s going on – a tenor will be singing a counter melody, a separate melody but made out of that same material. And for that I wanted to use a chord that was very French, and I went to the music of Ravel and Debussy for a single sonority from which to gather my materials for a melody and for the harmony and for the overall piece.

I designed this piece in the style of a French folk song. Team Compass August 7, alisa. A Winter Come on poems by Howard Moss. I decided that the piece would be accompanied by something that would sound like a guitar. In Dirait-on Lauridsen magically evokes the wistfulness of the chansons populaires immortalized by Edith Piaf.

Now I repeat it but make it fresh with a new harmony, and change that last note around a little bit. A Child Lay Down V. Then it’s treated with what Dkrait hope is sort of elegant understatement. This particular chord which is simply a major tried with an added second, went on to provide all the material I needed for the composition of Dirait-on.

Stephen Layton marshals his choral and orchestral forces to telling effect and both singers and players display that austere discipline which is so vital to produce a blended and cohesive sound and do justice to Lauridsen’s harmonic language. How do I give it the flavor of the nationality, of the language it’s in?

Les chansons des roses (Lauridsen) – from CDA – Hyperion Records – MP3 and Lossless downloads

His Latin sacred settings, such as the Lux Aeterna and motets, often reference Gregorian chant plus Medieval and Renaissance procedures while blending them within a freshly contemporary sound while other works such as the Madrigali and Cuatro Canciones are highly chromatic or atonal.

In seinem einsichtsvollen Band Reading Rilke: I get emails from people saying I love this song how do I get it out of my mind.

Views Read Edit View history. The composer’s craftsmanship further leads to an amazing balance between the contemporary and the timeless.

Over recordings of works by Morten Lauridsen have been released, including five that have received Grammy nominations. Voici le soir Rilkeadded in January Total duration: A Portrait of Composer Morten Lauridsen.

How do I tie the poem into history? Morten Lauridsen accompanies at the piano on several works. Les chanson lauridseh roses is a polyphonic delight that strategically delays the entry of the piano until the very end.

Morten Lauridsen

And What Of Love. Here it comes the last time. Archived from the original on Oxford University Press, Lakridsen so I took that chord and made it into this kind of passage for a guitar. Yet for all its musical intricacy, the work has a direct and powerful emotional impact—not the impact of a scream, but of an intimate whisper that cuts right through you.

Stan Lee Richard M. Retrieved from ” https: Morten Lauridsen on Waldron Island in