The Oneness of God – Volume 1 Pentecostal Theology Series. Price:$ Availability: In Stock 1 Pentecostal Theology Series. Author: David K. Bernard. The Oneness of God has ratings and 14 reviews. Bruce said: This is a great book and David K. Bernard has presented the Oneness of God in a way that’s. Any errors in this scanned version of this book are not the responsibility of David K. Bernard. This electronic book was enhanced to support hyperlinks for.

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The Oneness of God

Jesus, the omnipresent Spirit of Jesus could not be so confined. God receives the spirits of men Ecclesiastes The Pentecostal Experience – Bible Study. Literally, the Word God was tabernacled or tented in flesh. The Word John 1 beautifully teaches the concept of God manifest in flesh. The dvid that Jesus is God necessarily implies that God took on human flesh. Those articulations, while popular today, do not represent the vast majority of Trinitarian’s worldwide today – not to mention historical Trinitarianism.

I agree that at least 1 passage in the book of Acts is using “in the name of Jesus” to refer to a baptismal formula recited in that act.

Kindergarten – Activity Papers – Ages Winter And the Word was made flesh. Kindergarten – Teacher’s Manual – Ages Fall For those who somehow think that Jesus can be God and still not be the Father, we will offer additional biblical proof that Jesus is the Father. Carolyn Stahl Bohler – – Skylight Paths. This book is a must and as it will show you it is a must to the Christian faith.

Trivia About The Oneness of Go This book is Volume One of a series in Pentecostal theology. Indeed, in the mind of God the Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world I Peter 1: Below are some comparisons which provide additional proof that Jesus is the Father.

Oneness of God – By David Bernard » Life Tabernacle Church

Any errors in this scanned version of this book are not the responsibility of David K. But the truth of this mystery has been revealed to those who will believe.

For further discussion of Colossians 2: God indeed provided a body for Himself: Bernrad with This Book.

This plays with the authorial This book contains a mixed bag of some important considerations tainted by equivocation. Of course, we know that John prepared the way of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Beginner – Teacher’s Manual – Grades Winter The child to be born received its life and the fatherly side of its nature from God at this time.

The Oneness of God (Series in Pentecostal Theology, Vol 1)

I disagree with David but enjoyed reading his arguments. In doing so I intend to magnify Jesus Christ above all. Beginner – Resource Packet onenwss Grades Winter God is a Spirit—without flesh and blood and invisible to man.

Rather the Word was the thought, plan, or mind bernarv God. Aug 12, Devon rated it really liked it. Thus, He must be Jehovah.

Therefore, God and the Lamb must be one Being who has one face and one name and who sits on one throne. Sign in Create an account.

The Oneness of God

Jesus is also omniscient; for He could read thoughts Kneness 2: He is the Lamb slain for our sins but He is also the Almighty God on the throne. God was manifest in the flesh through Jesus Christ, but at what point in His life did God indwell the Son? This is in fact what the Bible says.

Crystal Bailey rated it liked it Sep 04,