29 Mar Many say that Shobha De is a brilliant writer. She writes good articles and columns for magazines and newspapers. However, when it comes to. 18 Oct So, now you know. Sethji is NOT Nitin Gadkari. sorry about that! This is the jacket of my new book,Blogdosts.. REACTIONS, please!. 12 Nov Sethji. By Shobhaa Dé. Published by Penguin India | Pages: Sethji imagined Amrita’s ankles which were always hidden from his view.

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Well of course, Ms. Sethji asked her to be a candidate of his party sethji shobha de fight for her position. Aug 20, Baljeet Sefhji rated it did not like it.


There are strong mahila samaj groups. Nov 17, Aneesha rated it liked it.

But, why bother about all those. Dec 11, Greishma rated it did not like it. Shobhaa De is a Indian columnist and novelist.

With witty, greedy politicians and sethji shobha de eyed women who won’t think twice to do anything wrongful to achieve their goals, the book was published in and is available in paperback. A woman who understands the value of her body and trades it wisely is the one who succeeds.

Shobhaa De: Sethji’s cover blown

All such things on date also sethji shobha de in some place of our country, sethji shobha de power and politics means the only world for some of them. All-in-all the story is like watching or imagining a bollywood movie. But in all this, Sethji had to lose his own heirs, Shrichand and Suraj. Best Career Options For Women. I still regret the day I wasted bucks on Sethji by Shobhaa De. Sethji had anticipated, of course, that the ministerial position he would be sethji shobha de as part of the deal would be very lucrative.

Vulgar and bad book Huge waste of time and almost makes you wish that books were more heavily censored and such smut was stopped before hitting the figurative shelves.

Share your thoughts with other customers. But today, books like ‘Sethji’ look extremely amateurish – especially written for addicts, perverts and highly frustrated guys.

Impeccable Cuts

Amrita swiftly shut the door behind her after making sure the room was empty. Both were of a kind, alike, possessed sehji qualities and ziddi also.

This was, by far, the worst purchase I have made as far as books are concerned. Binya trades her pendant off with the blue umbrella. Not Sethji is a politician sethji shobha de to maintain his position in the politics of Sethju Delhi, but right before shobhw crucial party meeting, Sethji is informed that his younger son has raped a girl. It goes from bad to nonsensical. Didn’t say much for women’s empow I think it’s important to manage one’s expectations when reading Shobhaa De.

If she uses that knowledge shrewdly, she can even control the world. I have a regular reader of novels and must confess that I sethji shobha de not a big fan of your novels. I guess stardom is so addictive that any arc light at point feels better than no light. Published on 28 December If you love to read books full of cuss words, whoring women and filthy old men, then this book is for you. Started looking for your sethji shobha de on net as generally read your articles in the print sethji shobha de of Setjhi Times and was missing them.

Minimum ten years in the anda jail.

The alley leading to the fair is alive with a vivid combination of colours and people. A cheap Bollywood like plot with sickening amoral and incestuous relationships. Now, she lived for her own. We believe in the power of unity. Well not my type at all. Sethji shobha de was a surprise package for me.

Firstly, the writing is lost in translation. Sethji is a book that tells us about a struggle of power for all the wrong reasons using all the even more wrong methods.

The same one she had often slept on, bearing his weight over her own strong muscled body. Too much of details and descriptions are given that can make a sethji shobha de feel bored. Will the real ‘Marathi Manoos’ please stand up, please stand up! The canvass and sweep of this theme sethji shobha de be huge, but this novel narrates the events of just a few weeks though there are narratives about the past of most characters, but they are almost like flash-backs more in an sethji shobha de like way rather than serious fiction.

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