Tascam Porta One Ministudio, Home & Studio Recording, Dec (+/%) and the manual very honestly points out that a tape recorded at one speed and. 9 Mar I’ve got a Porta One unit floating around here, no power adapter, user manual for a discontinued tape machine directly from TASCAM (it was. 29 Apr TASCAM PORTA ONE MANUAL DOWNLOAD – This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by Tascam. To purchase Ministudio Porta One.

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Previous article in this issue: Turn off email alerts. When I have a band in my studio and the time comes to make a few cassette copies of the master, I always ask whether they want Dolby-encoded copies or not. We must now use the pan control to route the signal to the left porat as tracks 1 and 3 are recorded from the tascam porta one manual bus and 2 and 4 from the right.

Unlike most mixer circuits, the level fader is connected tascam porta one manual the EQ ports pan circuitry so that even with the fader down, any electronic noise from the two op amps in the signal path will be fed onto tascam porta one manual mixing bus.

The mechanical tape counter has a zero return facility which, when engaged, causes the tape to stop at or just before zero in the fast rewind mode only.

Punch-Ins That all sounds fairly straightforward and indeed it is, but at some stage you’ll play a duff note and want to punch in a short passage to rectify matters. Further up the panel is a two-way switch for remix or cue which affects only the headphone output.

Tascam Ministudio Porta One Service Manual

Drop-ins caused no noticeable punch-in clicks but it’s good practice to drop in on a snare drum beat prota possible to disguise any sudden level changes. All those quiet bits that were recorded well above their original level are now pushed back down tascam porta one manual their natural levels, and down too goes the tape noise.

If we were to play this tape back on a normal cassette system, it would tascam porta one manual rather odd, but dbx replay electronics incorporate a circuit that reverses the effects of the compressor and restores the original dynamic range of the signal. Enter your search terms Submit search form. A selection of microphones from manuaal ohms impedance upwards all worked satisfactorily as did line level inputs, but high levels of gain and tascam porta one manual setting were required with low impedance mics.

This can lead to a certain lack of brightness on percussive sounds but is generally not too serious as many commercial recordings are heavily compressed anyway.

Tascam porta one manual order tascam porta one manual get the best out of this system, another technique called pre-emphasis and de-emphasis is used, whereby the treble content of your signals is boosted during record and cut during replay.

The answer, of course, is no; the dbx simply turns up the record volume during the quiet bits so that the levels on tape are almost as high as those during the loud bits, and this process is known as compression.

Start the tape in play mode and just before you start to play the corrected phrase, press ‘record’. To prove this, just play back a new unrecorded cassette without noise reduction.

TASCAM PORTA One Ministudio Cassette Recorder

Small Print Terms of tascam porta one manual Privacy. No Preference filter applied. Next came the tubular bells, courtesy of the Editor’s Yamaha DX7, and these remained bright, a good test of any noise reduction system.

Yeah, I like them.

Push record, wait for the leader tascam porta one manual wind off your cassette and restart the drum machine. So much then for the procedure but how well does it work? Since then, the concept has been continually refined until now, there are half a dozen or so manufacturers producing machines that can record ome synchronised tracks on a standard cassette.

Tascam Ministudio Porta One Manuals

Let’s start by plugging our drum machine or whatever into channel one and connecting the left and right line outputs to the domestic hi-fi stereo Aux input. This mix is then transferred to your mastering machine cassette or reel-to-reel after its input level has been optimised.

Meters one and two also tascam porta one manual the left and right output levels during mixdown and the left and right bus signals during record. Also included in the package is a built-in four channel mixer which is used to set the level and EQ of whatever signal is being recorded, to bounce tracks, and finally to tascam porta one manual all four tracks together to create the stereo mix that will be recorded on your master reel-to-reel or cassette machine.

By turning the treble down, Dolby B tapes can be made to sound passable, but it’s hardly hi-fi.

Tascam Ministudio Porta One – Manual – Multi Track Cassette Recorder – HiFi Engine

In addition, some files are archived, so you need WinZip or WinRar to open that files. I’m in need of a Tascam minidisc MDR service manual. Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. On the left hand edge of the tascam porta one manual are located the four line outputs for the individual channels as well as the stereo mix out and these are, of course, phono connectors. oe

This file is downloadable free of charge: Play the tape and adjust the levels for the desired balance, monitoring the level on meter two the right bus meter.