2 May The Dark Child is Camara Laye’s autobiography, tracing the development of his cultural and personal values as a young man coming of age. Complete summary of Camara Laye’s The Dark Child. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Dark Child. 25 Sep The African Child by Camara Laye. The book, originally written in French by Camara Laye under the title “l’enfant noir” in (the dark child).

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The Dark Child Summary

Jan 02, Eadie rated it really liked it Shelves: He describes the stages involved in this rite, as he does later for circumcision. The Dark Child 3. As animists, the Malinke believe in the existence and power of spirits in every object.

But enough of this the dark child camara laye banter. Diverse information about the country of Guinea from an African studies position.

This is less Laye’s reflection as a child growing up in the rural town of Kouroussa and more about his desire to pursue his education in the country’s capital and in France.

Of all his classmates, he is the only one so honored.

Why it is on the books to read list is a mystery to me – I thought that was meant to be a list of novels but this is clearly a the dark child camara laye memoir. That would raise a few eyebrows today. I lqye how the author was so close to his family and culture.

His novel The Radiance of the King Le Regard du roi is considered to be one of the dark child camara laye most important works. However, he knows early in his life that he will not be a laborer. For example, the rite of circumcision is Laye’s greatest trial in lyae novel. This is a good book, a memoir, Camara Laye tells us about his youth in Guinea.

Vocational education, as suggested by the camarra of apprentices above, was rhe matter of learning by experience. Purchase The Dark Child at Amazon. I enjoyed this book as an insight into a life at a moment of great change, starting in a very traditional setting and moving very quickly into different worlds. France and Islam the dark child camara laye present in the narrative either as extensions or sounding boards.

The Dark Child by Camara Laye

View the Study Pack. The action takes place during dari ‘s implementation of indirect rule, as it altered the social and hcild structures of the Ibo tribe in Nigeria, run by leaders like Achebe’s Ezeulu.

Your traditional Yahoo weather page, but for the capital city of Guinea. You have to read between the lines. He took a job at the Simca auto factory and with the French railroad, pursuing ccamara studies in night classes. On top of that, the majority speak a language Susa he does camada understand, and the climate is oppressively humid compared to that of his inland home. It shows the simple life of a dark child living in the great plain of Guinea. The Dark Child is Camara Laye’s autobiography, tracing the development of his cultural and personal values as a young man coming of age within the Malinke tribe of Upper Guinea during the ‘s.

I would image this is because it was considered offensive to the dark child camara laye someone black. A farmer, for example, might sell surplus produce while not preoccupied with planting or harvesting, while a blacksmith might raise crops in his spare time. In any case, The Dark Child can be situated within the dark child camara laye African literature of his time.

To avoid this, he insistently returns to the point of view he had as a boy. Throughout, we are given intimations that he somehow different from of his kinsmen as a budding scholar, but we never delve intimately into his family life to discover why he is different.

We learn that he is now considered a man after the rite, but he does not give the ordeal any sort of personal or spiritual importance. Interestingly enough, as Laye experiences and more European education, adopting the dark child camara laye ideas and appearances associated with it, the decor of his hut become altered by his mother to, “acquire a European look” which he notes he is aware of because the changes were making “the hut more comfortable,” and also offered “tangible proof of how much my mother loves [ed] me” Laye takes you through a lot of critical milestones in his life in just a few pages.

It is this type of emotional reaction that makes The Dark Child such a unique mix of particular Malinke and the dark child camara laye human experience.

The youngsters are teased and forced to do manual labor that the teachers dole out to the older children as punishment for misbehavior. Except for French the only language I speak is Malinke” Very easy to use.

The Dark Child Summary & Study Guide

The only bloody scenes are those describing ritual circumcision, and the dark child camara laye these showed a communal event of initiation and coming-of-age rather than an act of brutality as in other books that the dark child camara laye the subject.

At the same time, many called for a peaceful end to the colonial system throughout Africa. In these two events, Laye comes as close as he ever will to being a full participant in the customary life of his people. Their affection for one another is sweet and very innocent. Students can place their character’s name at the center of a blank sheet of paper, and brainstorm tools this character would use at work, making sure these are accurate to the time period and situation.

However, these same qualities are tragic, in that they remove Laye from his native environment, and eventually into the cold northern foreignness of France. More recently, critics have revised the harshness of these initial rejections. In the last moment of the memoir, Laye is on the plane bound for Paris with Marie, who will be dropped off to finish her studies in Dakar.

In his teens, he is sent to Conakry, a coastal city the dark child camara laye Guinea, where he attends a technical school. From an early age, Laye stands slightly apart even from his closest friends: Not only is she safe near crocodiles, but she appears to have power over animals.

For better or worse, Laye is removed from his village before he learns this secret. I’m glad I did. Anyway, I enjoyed this book as an insight into a life at a moment of great change, starting in a very traditional setting and moving very quickly into different worlds.

The Dark Child |

After exchanging their papers with another student, dari reader writes down their impression of the function of folklore. In religion, the Mande practiced a mix of The dark child camara laye and their own indigenous faith.

Edgar, Christopher and Padgett, Ron. I swear by the five yours I wasted that there is nothing between the covers but ink.