UL AB. Wire Connectors. standard by Underwriters Laboratories, 04/27/ View all product details. Most Recent. Track It. Language: English. Buy UL AB Ed. 1 () Wire Connectors from SAI Global. 7 Feb UL A. ISBN Wire Connectors and Soldering for Wire Connectors for Use With Aluminum Conductors, UL B; and.

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A product whose features, characteristics, components, materials, or systems conflict with specific requirements or provisions of this standard cannot ul 486a-486b judged to comply with this standard. A breakdown — 486a-4886b — is not acceptable. The strip length applies to all insulated connectors with ul 486a-486b the tool is used.

The mechanical sequence on any particular ul 486a-486b size need not be repeated if it has been conducted as part of the static-heating sequence. To reduce the likelihood of flashover to the exposed tang of a terminal connector or the likelihood of insulation puncture, the outer surface of the connector insulation and the exposed tang may be supplemented with tape, petrolatum, epoxy, silicone, rubber, or other acceptable insulating material so ul 486a-486b it does not interfere with the position of the outer electrode immediately adjacent to the conductor opening.

For connectors intended for use with stranded conductors, the ul 486a-486b strand configurations are Class B concentric lu compressed, and Class C concentric.

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When using Table K Strip length may be specified as a single — nominal — value if tested as specified in paragraph 7. The marking may be on the unit container or on an information sheet packed in the unit container.

The assembled hardware is to be torqued to the following values: Secureness-of-Insulation Test 23 The publication of revised pages or a new edition of this Standard will not invalidate the DoD adoption.

Static-heating tests are to be conducted with the parallel conductor combinations that equal the assigned ampere rating using Table Breakdown ul 486a-486b a crack is considered equivalent to insulation puncture. If the conductor or a strand of a stranded conductor becomes visibly unattached, breakage is considered to have occurred.

The test is to be conducted on insulating covers that have been oven-conditioned according to Table Any other connector is to have the surface immediately adjacent to the ul 486a-486b opening covered with metal foil to serve as the outer electrode.

This symbol may consist of an individual catalog number, a type designation, a size designation, such as 12, or an equivalently significant symbol. Ampere-rated connectors are not intended for general use. The marking shall be on the unit container in which the connector is packaged or on an information ul 486a-486b packed in the unit container. Dielectric Voltage-Withstand Test 20A Test as received 6 Test after oven conditioning, with samples 6 assembled to conductors before such conditioning Ul 486a-486b after oven conditioning, with samples assembled to conductors after such conditioning a See paragraph A product which complies with the text of this Standard will not necessarily be judged to comply with the Standard if, when examined ul 486a-486b tested, it is found to have other ul 486a-486b which impair the level of safety ul 486a-486b by these requirements.

The new and revised requirements are substantially in accordance with UL’s bulletin on this subject dated September 26, Ul 486a-486b 6 Performance 5. A ul 486a-486b sample set with the size conductor that corresponds to the ampere rating is to be subjected to the full static-heating sequence. Clean, dry, nonlubricated screws, bolts, and nuts are to be used. Material of connector body; C.

A Catalog of UL Standards for Safety with costs and ordering information is also available ul 486a-486b this office. This Standard contains basic requirements for products covered 486a-486v Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Breakage or tearing of the insulation of an insulated connector is acceptable in the pullout test. The insulating cover is to be completely opened and closed 20 times.

Location of the crimping points only, without additional instructions, may be marked on the connector if the additional required information is located as indicated in item 12or 3. Care 486a-486h to be taken in stripping a conductor to avoid cutting, nicking, scraping, or otherwise damaging the conductor.

The potential is to be applied between a conductor secured by the ul 486a-486b and an outer electrode. Dielectric Voltage-Withstand Test Uo The spacing need not be maintained if a solid insulating uk separates the test samples from the building floor, ceiling, or walls. Ampere-rated connectors are additionally evaluated for static temperature rise in the end-use application.

Strip length marking is optional if the connector is provided with an inspection hole opposite the conductor insertion end through which the end of the conductor is visible ul 486a-486b it is connected.

A terminal connector integral with a fuse clip or meter-socket jaw or the like or intended for connection to a 486a-486bb having a low conductivity because ul 486a-486b material or cross-sectional area is to have the tang sized ul 486a-486b prevent excessive heating of the tang.

However, the test tang should not 486a-46b so large that it operates cooler than the ul 486a-486b of the connectors, as determined by ul 486a-486b thermocouples placed on the tangs and connector bodies. Tests on a connector may be conducted ul 486a-486b 1 hardware other than mentioned, 2 dished or other washers having different 486a-4866b, or 3 ul 486a-486b securement torque values if the manufacturer’s installation instructions — see paragraph Number of clamping screws; E. A bolt is 486a–486b be plated steel, SAE Grade 2, UNC thread having a maximum 846a-486b diameter compatible with the hole or holes in the connector tang and a minimum standard length allowing at least a two-thread projection through the nut.

During application of the ul 486a-486b torque, the connector assembly is to be free to turn about its mounting means except as restricted by the construction of the connector or the specified mounting means. A single flat washer is to be used on each side of ul 486a-486b tang-to-tang or tang-to-bus connection. The test potential is to be volts for a connector rated volts, volts for a connector rated volts — volts in signs and lighting fixtures luminaires — and is to be applied for 1 minute.

UL – AB Wire Connectors | Standards Catalog

Used conductor ends shall be cut off and the resulting new ends of the conductor re-stripped in accordance with paragraphs 7. Other 486a-48b and strand configurations may also be covered as indicated by marking. Catalog or type designation, 2. The test is to be conducted on samples previously unused, 486a-86b not attached to a conductor or otherwise subjected to external ul 486a-486b. For connectors for use with a ul 486a-486b tool, crimping die ul 486a-486b and number of crimps; and G.