View and Download Vetta C owner’s manual online. C Bicycle Accessories pdf manual download. Vetta cycling c5 manual related questions and answers. Ask your Vetta questions . Get free help from cycling experts. forget to store this manual in a safe place for future reference! Vetta cycle computers are sophisticated electronic instruments. Vetta recommends that this product.

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Summary of Contents for Vetta c Page 1 Congratulations on your purchase of the Vetta C wireless cycle computer. If this does not solve the problem, call vetta c5 manual Vetta Silver batteries provide a good supply of power, but are fairly expensive.

Press right button to increase the blinking digit to the correct value. VA is the same, only with an altimeter. Press vetta c5 manual button again. Left button selects hour. Avocet was the primary user of mercury batteries.

My battery died, I changed it and now need to reprogram. Use chart Dbut multiply the value listed by 2 for km, or by 1. This page tells how to enter the number into a cyclecomputer. Newer units that use “button cells” can run vetta c5 manual alkaline “buttons”, but the life span vetta c5 manual much veta than is the case with silver cells.

Ask Vetta c5 manual to Expert. Lithium cells have a very long shelf life, which makes them particularly suited for a low-drain application such as a cyclecomputer. Stored data will be converted to appropriate units.

Cyclometer Calibration Procedures – Vetta

F8FX10F11C. Owner’s manual for these four models. There are two ranges of numbers, from to Push the “SET” button. Vetta c5 manual clock mode, press and hold both buttons for about 4 seconds, or until a flashing 12 or 24 appears. CatEye new models as of Cateye’s page f5 links to a page with instructions for some computers in other languages.

Vetta C5 Cyclometer Computer

This is only a label. When the calibration number is entered press the SET button to complete the setup.

Some older units, such as the Cateye Mate use penlight-type cells. Page 10 Any warranties of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose are limited to the one vetta c5 manual duration of the above express warranty.

Press and hold both buttons for 5 seconds. Don’t have an account?

Cyclometer Calibration Procedures Part 2

Left button raises or lowers calibration value, depending on the position of the arrow on the vetta c5 manual of the display. Button “B” left side will advance the selected vetta c5 manual.

RT77 is as the RT55, with cadence functions added. Press LEFT button for over 1 second to freeze the display. Please assign your manual to a product: Please let us know of rebranded models which you have identified. One range is for miles “mi” shows in lower right corner and one for kilometers “km” shows in lower left corner. Newer units that use “button cells” can run on alkaline “buttons”, but the life span is much shorter than is the case with silver cells.

Vetta c-500 Owner’s Manual

Model numbers differ in the English versions! The “MODE” button will advance the selected digit. Vetta RTL -1 Questions. Just get the manual vetta c5 manual keep it for the next time you need Uses GPS satellite data. Push the LEFT button.